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Glada möten

Some of the references translated from Swedish. Click the button to the left for previous assignments.

  • "Thanks so much for all your help and input this year. I'm so glad I found your website, because your meetings with xx have made a huge difference." Drama coaching

  • "With the support of Helande Drama & Utveckling we got a different concept for one of our twice -a- year meetings of the National Water Catastrophy group (VAKA). For us, technicians, engineers, informers, environment surveyors et al, many group dynamic exercises did not at all times feel comfortable to everyone in the group. However, a good learning experience! The main event- the forum theatre– gave us totally new insights about the different individuals in the group and their way of reacting in different situations and gave us many new examples of how to interact and handle difficult situations, where conflict and power were important components. Within the usual frame for our exercise it wouldn't have been as clear and wouldn't have been so emphasized either. Petra led us through the day with energy and entusiasm that transmitted onto us all. Despite the differences in the group, everyone was very happy and pleased after a whole day of training and practising with Petra." /Christina Nordensten, project leader, Nationella Vattenkatastrofgruppen (VAKA)

  • "Very good 'kick off' at a time when we needed just that. Petra, you are awesome at what you're doing! Thanks for a great day!" Project group at Uppsala universitet

  • "I felt a real boost of energy at your workshop and it replenished my knowledge. Fun exercises, interesting reflections and that you are yourself. Creative, self assured, fun and dare to stay in the present moment. We surely will come back!", Anna Glas, coach and writer
  • "We felt totally safe and were not all the time 'skating on thin ice'. I'm thinking of people who are very afraid of change but who would benefit from it. Direct, confident and attentive leader. " Katinka, participant at the course in Improvisation & Mindfulness
  • "The expectations were very well met. I also got out more of it then I had expected. The facilitator was competent, humble and really tried to understand our situation and our needs and then shared her knowledge and experiences with us. Good tools, 'action more then just talking'." Family Social worker, Social Service, Haninge
  • "It's a fun way to work upon yourself to increase your self esteem and self confidence as well as getting to know some of body language. And mindfulness." participant of Drama coaching
  • "An enjoyable and fun day. The challenge was increased during the day, starting with consideration to get everyone on the train to greater challenges after the lunch break. You come across as very positive and cheerful. We laughed a lot and it felt good to be togeher in other ways. Thanks!" Social Service in Haninge, team building
  • "The course has helped me taking new steps forward in my personal development and to strenghten myself. It was great fun to play. Petra, knowledgeable and well educated facilitator with humour. Fun, inspiring and evolving exercises and games." Mari-Louise, participant of Impro & Rollspel
  • "Thanks Petra for all the inspiration, enlightenment, relaxation and steady matter- of- fact tools you have shared in your engaged manner - for everyone's personal development." Eva, teacher in Sigtuna
  • Positive! Enjoyable! Laughters, but also sincere and evolving. I believe it starts new energies, new ideas and a happier atmosphere. To laugh together gave a lot! Well thought through and professional." Sofi, team building at Norrby välle gård