How do you present yourself to the world? Whether it be in social life or on stage in public talks. I firmly believe that when you are in harmony with yourself, you also come across as the best version of yourself. Being in harmony is obviously a big expression containing quite a lot and varies at different times. A big part of it though is definitely self-esteem and self-confidence, based on accepting yourself fully for who you are, as well as being fully confident with the message you are to deliver. 

The interesting part of my job is to help you finding how mind and body are connected. The interaction is both subtle and very explicit and in the end - of course everything starts and ends within.

My background as a Drama Teacher has given me many keys to open those doors that have been locked or even blocked and sometimes unknown inside you. That is especially true for how your body language is being used.

If you book a first meeting, we start from where you are and what your aims are with the coming sessions!


 DSC 0077Here's a good example of how more inviting it feels and seems with open arms and hands as opposed to crossing your arms.