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Conflict management

organisation teambuildingRole play and forum theatre are some of our methods. Here the photo shows how one collegue feels excluded and tries out different ways of how she could do in real life, if and when it happens.

Conflict management is a wide field of different approaches and contains both prevention as well as resolution in an actual conflict.
It is essential to make conscious one's own approach to conflicts in general and at the same time understand the system, organisation and society we are part of. Everything is part and depend of the other factors.

To understand human behaviour and conflicts also means to look into power balance and imbalance. This in turn can therefore sometimes include Master Suppression techniques and norms. *

As mentioned above the preventive work is just as important as the actual conflicts and often underlying patterns and behaviour can disturb the work's efficiency without one realising it. Meaning conflict preventional work is always good for you and your work group. 

Some methods that I use is role play and forum theatre. The last mentioned is used world wide in different contexts. Read more about forum theatre on the lonk further down.

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See the founder of forum theatre explain - Augusto Boal 

 * Berit Ås highlighted and invented the Master Suppression Techniques - read here