We are experts on Communication as it were, from childhood. However our rational mind makes us forget many of our inherent skills in this area.
When do human interaction and communication work at its best? And what ca you do to improve communication on many levels? 
When you choose this service we use many different methods and tools to look into how you meet as individuals or the meeting culture in your company. 

As a leader you need many different approaches and tools for meetings with co-workers. That is why we combine talks with experential workshops. Scenarios and role play, sometimes forum theatre, are important parts of the method to see clearly what happens and how different people can experience communication from their angle. 

 Earlier assignments have taken place at Swedish authorities, such as VAKA (part of Swedish Food Agency) or Social services Department where we have looked into hierachical structures and power positions, both in the verbal language and in body positions.

Welcome to contact me to find out more what I can do for you in this area!

Olika typer av övningar samt rollspel är ett effektivt sätta att förnya dialoger och möten, människor emellan.
Role play and interactive exercices is not only exciting, it is also very efficient to improve communication in a group. It is also inevitable to not have fun at the same time!