Helande Drama

Identity and self-image

Questions like ”Who am I” and ”who am I for real?” have occupied the human psyche throughout history.

At certain points in life we see ourselves in new ways and may even be surprised of our own actions/feelings and thoughts to things that occur to us.

So who are you really? Are you other people’s expectations on you or are you your personality? Without applying deep psychological theories on to this subject (CG Jung ie.) it is still obvious that we can take as many shapes and forms as there are people in the world. Or any creatures and figures that your imagination can possibly come up with for that matter…

*Take many shapes and forms* could be an expression that at first sight seem threatening if your identity is too much related to your personality and to family roles and profession. However, to anyone familiar with drama and theatre it is clear that we in some ways have everything inside of us. This also means there are many possibilities for how we can present ourselves to the world.

Nothing is static anyway in life and sometimes we really need to integrate unknown aspects of ourselves. Or getting more

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We are the stories we tell ourselves

Identity and identification – themes with great depth and meaning that can be understood from many perspectives.

In some ways you could say that: we are the stories we tell ourselves. We tend to identify with stories that we create as we go along. Our self image is often shaped from early childhood, from how we relate to parents, care-givers, friends and through school and eventually our roles in society. We have to reshape and adjust the self image continuously as life isn’t constant and we discover new sides and integrate those.

Isn’t it rather interesting that what we tell ourselves all day, tends to shape not only our self image but also our interaction with others and therefore effects our experiences with the outer world.The good thing about becoming aware of these stories is that we also can change them.

Here role play, on the one hand, is efficient since your body is involved in the enactment of a character with certain character traits. You discover from within that you can be so much more, have so many more expressions then what you thought at first. Perhaps you realize qualities you had forgotten for a long time,

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