When I had completed my Dramatherapy training in London in 2003, I started Helande Drama & Utveckling. I'm personally involved with all our assignments and occasionally I cooperate with other professional course facilitators.

I was very interested in personal development from the age of 18 when I chose a high school where they specialised in drama. My own personal development started with an emphasis on drama and my interests stretched even further towards art, music, and mental training.

I have come back to drama in many ways with so many different perspectives. I feel it is the artform that is the closest to life itself with roleplay, characters and mimic gestures. Having said that, I do also believe in all artforms being connected, just like theatre once started in the ancient Greek amphitheatres.

I have seen people change many times during my 20 years as a Drama teacher in different settings. I believe there is much more to discover still with drama as a tool and that's why I'm combining drama with mental training and body language as well as body awareness. Personal development is like a journey through life, sometimes with a distinctive aim, sometimes just for the journey itself.The Swedish poet Karin Boye affirms:

"Yes, there is a meaning in our journey. - But ‘tis the pathway, which is worth our while." *

My professional background is varied and includes working as a coach, teacher in French - English - Swedish, Drama teacher and Art teacher. Apart from drama and theatre, my zenbuddhist meditation since more then 20 years have formed and effected me a lot. Zen means meditation and should be understood as a way of being and understanding oneself and life better.

I have a diploma as a Drama Therapist, Bachelor degree in Theatre science and trained in Speech and Drama.
In addition I have university credits in: Pedagogical Drama, Dynamic Pedagogy, Social Psychology, Jungian Psychology, The Brain and Consciousness and Conflict Resolution. Shorter courses in masks, Feldenkreis, Forum theatre, Improvisation (K. Johnstone).

*Translation: Translated into English by Dr. Hans Corell, www.karinboye.se